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One Piece Chapter 1028 Title: “Brachio Snake”.

Chapter 1028 starts in the “guest room” of Onigashima’s castle. There we see that the CP0 members have received a call by Den Den Mushi from a certain person. CP0’s boss reports the appearance of another dragon and assumes that it must be related with the fruit that Vegapunk created.

CP0’s boss: “Straw Hat Luffy was with that dragon, so there is no doubt that this new dragon is Kaidou’s enemy.”

Mysterious character: “Never mind, both sides are pirates anyway.”

CP0’s boss gets a little upset.

CP0’s boss: “Why did you call for?”

Mysterious character: “We have new orders from “above”.In the unlikely case that Kaidou loses this war…the Government will move in, and turn Wanokuni into a country under the direct control of the World Government! Some ships are heading to Wanokuni… How is the chance of Kaidou’s losing?”

As the mysterious character says this, we see that several ships are in the sea near to Wanokuni (where the rocks and giant carps are). Although we cannot see the front of the ships, they don’t look like Marine ships (probably all are ships sent by the World Government).

Then we see the CP0’s board. The situation has gone from 30,000 members on Kaidou’s side Vs. 5,400 members on samurai’s side to 12,000 members on Kaidou’s side Vs. 8,000 members on samurai’s side.

CP0’s boss: “This battle has turned into something more interesting than I expected. But I still can’t imagine Kaidou losing…!!”

Mysterious character: “Good. I will wait for future reports. There is another order.”

We finally discover who is the mysterious person in the other side of the line. He is Rob Lucci, he’s in a room with Kaku and Stussy (Kaku is sleeping sitting on a chair). Lucci keeps talking.

Rob Lucci: “The crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates – Nico Robin! She must be caught! It doesn’t matter what the result of the battle is. The existence of that woman will be the “key” for the pirates.”

As Lucci says this we see that Robin has already woken up and is fighting alongside Brook as they run through Onigashima’s castle.

CP0: “Understood…”

Cut to the lower area of Onigashima Island.

Only 5 minutes until the island reaches the “Flower Capital”. Monosuke (who is now alone) keeps trying to create big “Flame Clouds”, but he’s only capable of creating small “Flame Clouds”. He is very nervous and desperate.

We see that Yamato (in her hybrid form) is climbing up to the island ground. In a little flashback, we see Yamato told Momonosuke that she was going up to the castle to take care of the bombs. In case Momonosuke fails, without the bombs the damage would be considerably reduced.

When Yamato reaches the top, she transforms into her animal form and runs towards the castle. Some of the Heart Pirates look at her in a shocked way.

Cut to the “Live Floor” in Onigashima’s castle.

Queen (in his hybrid form) and Sanji keep fighting. Quen attacks Sanji with a new attack called “Brypan” (Coming Wind Fist ) with which he strikes with his claws and attacks with his sword at the same time. Sanji parries and dodges the attacks the best he can.

Queen gets angry and hits Sanji who crashes into some rocks.

Queen: “Get it out!!The “Germa 66” battle suit!!”

Sanji: “…!!”

Chopper: “Sanji!!”

Queen: “You used it when you fought King right? The battle suit! I saw that it made you disappear! Is that Judge’s scientific power?”

Sanji gets up without paying any attention to Queen, he still thinks to himself that he really feels something is off with his body.

Sanji: “Stop talking about others’ family without knowing their private situations! I don’t even consider Germa my family! I’m not going to wear the suit, especially if that’s what you want!”

Queen gets tired and shoots his “Black Coffee” attack. Sanji jumps and dodges it, then attacks Queen with his “Diable Jambe – Bien Cuit: Grill Shot” which burns Queen’s stomach and send him flying.

Queen stands up and transforms into his animal form. Sanji wonders what he must do to damage Queen since dinosaurs are very tough.

Queen: “That was a good kick. Well, let me show you the true power of a “dinosaur” without modification. Behold the power of the creatures that used to rule the world 100 million years ago.The power of kings!”

Queen then stretches his body, tail and neck. Then he hits a wall with his tail.

Queen: ““Brachiojaurus” (Brachio Snake )!”

Queen’s neck and tail shoot out from his body, leaving his legs and torso behind. Everyone present in the Live Floor (Izou, Marco, Kawamatsu, Chopper, Hyo, the Yakuza…) are shocked. They put “Enel’s face” when they see what Queen has done.

All: “Ehhh? What kind of mechanism is that?”

Sanji: “Ehhh?”

Queen catches Sanji and strangles him with his body like a giant snake.

Queen: “Wahahaha! This is what a brachiosaurus does! Nobody has managed to escape from my “Brachiotoguros” (It is the same phrase that Sasaki said to Franky).

Sanji screams in pain, the samurai don’t know what to do to help him.

Queen: “Even those with powerful “Color of Arms Haki” are crushed with this attack that destroys bones and organs! Come on, show me the power the Germa!”

Sanji: “I refuse…Uahhhhhh!”

Suddenly, we see that some rockets come out of Queen’s torso (specifically, they come out of his back).

Queen: “Look at that! Normally brachiosaurus’ bodies are useless, because they are basically snakes with legs! But I’m a scientist, I have equipped the torso with my “Brachio Launchers”! If I say its name, the launcher will sho…”

Suddenly, the “Brachio Launchers” shoot out and hit Queen. Queen has said “Brachio Launchers” while he explained it to Sanji, so the missiles have been fired thinking it was an order.

Queen: “Uahh!!!”

Subordinates: “Queen-sama!!”

Queen speaks to his torso.

Queen: “Idiot! I said “Brachio Launchers” because I was explaining the attack…Uahh!!!”

Subordinates: “Queen-sama!!”

Queen said again the name of the attack, so the missiles are fired at him again. After the 2nd self-attack, Queen ends up releasing Sanji. Queen says that all Sanji’s bones should be broken so he won’t be able to get up.

However, Sanji gets up, his left leg is broken in several parts and his back is also affected (he walks like a zombie).

Chopper: “Huh? What’s the matter Sanji? Are you okay?”

Sanji: “That… hurt…But somehow I can move normally…!!”

Chopper: “Sanji! Have you turned into a zombie?”

Samuari: “Your entire body is broken, Sangoro-san!!”

Suddenly, all Sanji’s bones snap back into place.

Sanji: “What’s wrong with my body…! Could it be that my power is awakening? The same power they have?”

Sanji thinks about this as he remembers a scene from his past where he punched Ichiji’s face. While Sanji is distracted, Queen returns to his hybrid form and attacks Sanji from behind with his sword.

Queen: “Damn brat!”

Chopper: “Sanji! At your back!”

Queen hits Sanji’s neck and part of his face with his sword but the sword breaks into pieces when contacted with Sanji’s body.

Sanji: “That hurts.”

Sanji is very angry.

Sanji: “I refuse! I don’t wanna turn into monsters like them…!”

Queen is shocked.

Queen: “What…!?”

End of the chapter.