One Piece Chapter 1025 is just around the corner, some of the latest information regarding the chapter has been revealed. Chapter 1025 will continue to show us the battle between Yamato and Kaido. Luffy and Momonosuke finally reached the roof of Onigashima. If you want to know what will happen in the upcoming chapter, you can check them below.

Chapter 1025 Title ” Image of the Double Dragon ” (It’s related to Koizumi Junsaku’s “Twin Dragons” in Kennin-ji temple from Higashiyama (Kioto). Oda visited there a few years ago).

– Momonosuke can’t fly easily because he is scared of heights. Luffy pushes Momonosuke to do it.

– Yamato and Kaido’s fight is still going on.

– Momonosuke is flying with his eyes closed, so he can’t directly go to the roof. He rushes to the roof by headbutting Onigashima’s dome.

– Kaidou asks who he is.

– Luffy tells him that he is the man who will become the King of the Pirates.

– Momonosuke tells him that he is the man who will become Wanokuni’s next shogun.

– Luffy transforms into Gear 4 – Snakeman form, and uses his Jet Culverin attack, Yamato attacks too, both at the same time against Kaido.

– Yamato uses a new attack called “Shirohebi” (“White Snake”) when attacking with Luffy.

– Luffy uses the Gear4 – Snakeman, but quickly returns to his normal state.

– At the end of the chapter, Yamato returns to her base form. Momonosuke and Luffy come face to face with Kaidou in dragon form.