One Piece fans are looking forward to reading One Piece Chapter 1017 to witness the continuation of the great Onigashima war. In the previous chapter, Luffy was defeated, but we all know he will come back soon. Meanwhile, Yamato has been fighting against Kaido.

Kaido and Yamato’s battle is believed to continue in One Piece Chapter 1017. However, Chapter 1017 will not be out this week, because One Piece manga is on a break. One Piece Chapter 1017 release date is 27 June 2021. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter will be available next week.

One Piece Chapter 1017 mights show the battle between the Supernova tag team Kid and Law against Big Mom. Also, we can see the fight between Queen and Sanji. Aside from that, it might offer updates on Brook and Robin, Jinbei and Franky, Kinemon and other members of the Alazaya Nine.

It is not yet known if the upcoming chapter installment would feature the much-awaited revenge fight between Nekomamushi and Perospero, but fans are hoping it would. How do you think One Piece Chapter 1017 will play out? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.