One Piece Chapter 1013 is just around the corner, some of the latest information regarding the chapter has been revealed. Chapter 1013 will continuously feature a series of fights as the Wano war gets pretty intense every new installment coming. Luffy’s one-on-one battle against Kaido has started, and it will only take a little while before fans will see the end of it.

One Piece 1013 Spoilers:

According to Gyrozepp95 who provided the spoilers and basic summary of the upcoming chapter, Chapter 1013 is titled “Anarchy in the Big Mom”

– Ulti recovers from Nami’s attack. Nami will use the “Tornado Tempo” against Ulti, but she will dodge it and attack Nami..

– Big Mom uses a combined attack from Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera to attack Ulti, who is KO’d.

– Hera was created at the request of Prometheus, who asked Big Mom that he wanted a girlfriend.

– Zeus sees Hera and breaks her heart.

– Big Mom: “I don’t need you anymore, Zeus. Hera, you can eat it.”

– Zeus begs for his life, but Big Mom does not take pity on him.

– Big Mom tries to attack Nami and Usopp. Zeus, who flees from Hera, tries to apologize to Nami. Zeus will sacrifice himself himself for Nami to escape.

– Kid enters the scene using his “Punk Gibson” against Big Mom.

Kaido Vs. Luffy.

– Kaido: “The result was obvious … I got excited like I hadn’t been in a while, but I made a mistake …I should have slit your throat and” declared my victory “.That way, no one would have believed that you could win”.

– At the end of the chapter, we see Luffy falling from Onigashima to the sea.