Hey guys! Welcome back to Exmanga. One Piece Chapter 1011 spoilers have finally been updated, and a brief manga summary is compiled. Fans were having a hard time waiting for the manga leaks since very vague information was available. However, the One Piece 1011 summary spoilers are finally available, and the trusted sources have confirmed the leaks too. So now, I will be sharing them with you in this post.

One Piece Chapter 1011 Spoilers:

According to leaked spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1011 is titled, “The Virtue of The Red Beans”.

– Killer and Kid are scared to see that Big Mom returns flying even without Zeus.

– Zeus will escape from Kid’s metal box and go to look for Big Mom.

– Law teleports with Zoro and Zeus, leaving Luffy alone.

– Kid and Killer arrive at the castle after an attack by Big Mom and confront Hawkins.

– In the end, Killer is the one who faces Hawkins alone, and Kid leaves to find Big Mom.

– We will see Page One chase Nami, Usopp and Tama.

– Tama goes to the Live Floor to give an order to the Gifters, who have eaten her kibi dango. This way she will end her role in the war.

– Usopp manages to slow down Page One.

– While they are running, Nami, Usopp and Tama meet Big Mom.

– Nami and Usopp are terrified. Tama calls her Olin, and talks to her in a friendly way.

– Big Mom is friendly to Tama. Prometheus says that she has entered her “special” mode, that only comes out with children under a certain age.

– Big Mom is enraged when Tama tells her that, Okobore Town has been destroyed by Kaido’s subordinates.

– Page One will chase them again. He tells Big Mom not to let Nami and the rest run away.

– However, Big Mom will attack Page One.

– The chapter ends with Ulti in shock upon seeing the scene.