One Piece Chapter 1007 is just around the corner, some of the latest information regarding the chapter has been revealed. Although not much, we can somehow know what will happen in the upcoming chapter. According to Gyrozepp95 who provided the spoilers and basic summary of the upcoming chapter, Chapter 1007 is titled – “Mr. Racoon dog (Tanuki san)”.

One Piece 1007 Spoiler:

– Most members of the Mimawarigumi and the Oniwabanshu have been defeated by Hyogoro.

– Queen talks to the subordinates who have been affected by the “Koorioni”, it seems that he makes fun of them and tells them that they are worthless (this part is confusing).

– Chopper gets the antibodies before Hyogoro dies.

– Chopper has created a gaseous virus based on the antibodies and spreads it in the room with a cannon.

– Queen attacks Chopper, but the Pleasures defend the reindeer as a shield voluntarily.

– Chopper takes a Rumble Ball and slaps Queen while Marco holds him.

– Yamato and Momonosuke appear in the chapter.

– CP0 comments on Vegapunk and the “lineage factor”.

– The Red scabbards meet a surprising character at the end of chapter (the spoiler provider does not reveal their identity).