After a long wait, One Piece Chapter 1003 Spoilers were finally leaked. Fans are all excited to continue seeing the fight between Kaido, Big Mom and the Worst Generations. How will this fight take place? Now, we are going to talk about the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga.

One Piece 1003 Spoilers:

According to the leaked spoilers, Chapter 1003 is titled “The Night on the board”.

– The chapter begins with Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Gatling with which the previous one ended.

– After his attack, Luffy loses Gear 4 and cannot use his haki for 10 minutes.

– Big Mom uses her attack “Hahaba” (Mother Grandmother) against Luffy, but Zoro intervenes.

– Law uses “Countershock” against Big Mom.

– Kaido uses an attack called “Vortex Wind” (or something like that) against Killer and Kid.

– Kaido bites Luffy.

– Zoro uses the attack “Black Dragon Tornado” against Kaido and saves Luffy again (it is the drawing he has made).

– Kaido is damaged and notices Oden’s sword.

– Kaido uses another attack (does not give the name) that affects a large area.

CP0 Appears:

– Then they analyze the battle on a board with tiles. The samurai had 5,400 cash, they have lost 400. Kaido had 30,000 and has lost 3,000.

– At the end of chapter, Kaido’s hybrid form appears.