The Seraphim are new Pacifista units developed by the Marines’ Special Science Group with the intention of replacing the Seven Warlords of the Sea as one of the Three Great Powers. They are human weapons built in the childhood likenesses of the former members of the Warlords, but with the traits of the Lunarian Tribe.

As we saw in chapter 1059, Vegapunk was able to clone Boa Hancock, one of the seven warlords, who fought in Amazon Lily.

I think there is also a copy of Buggy, it will be the strongest of all Seraphims, because Vegapunk’ll be spending hours trying to “correct” the Buggy-Seraphim as there’s no way the thing should be as weak and cowardly as it turned out. The Marine will send it to fight Buggy & Co in future.

My headcanon is Buggy-Seraphim won’t fight against Buggy, but he will devote his whole life to Buggy.

Buggy might somehow accidentally liberate his copy, make him believe Buggy is his father figure and encourage him to fight his battles (something like Mr Satan and Majin Buu relationship).

This new addition to his crew will encourage his fanatic subordinates even more and also scare the Marines because they will think Buggy discovered by himself how to hack them and make them join his ranks. They will think he is a complete genious at the level of Vegapunk.

The Marine would be terrified about that, and they will immediately pull back all the Seraphims.

Also, Buggy needs a strong and loyal subordinate who can fight Crocodile and Mihawk. This would allow him to fail upwards.