Blackbeard’s devil fruit is the logia-type Yami-Yami No Mi or Dark-Dark Fruit. We know how logia works. The logia user’s body becomes a fluid object or element and they can control or change their body at their own will depending on what kind of Devil Fruit they have consumed.

At first, logia users seem impossible to beat but when using haki they can be grabbed and damaged. There is another way to handle them and deal damage to them, this is to use natural objects or elements that can stop them, we can say “NATURAL COUNTER”.

An example is Crocodile; Luffy grabs him and punches him because he uses water to wet his body to hold Crocodile.

The natural counter to sand is water. The same with Fire.

The others are;

Enel = Rubber

Aokiji = Fire



Now, with Blackbeard, the Yami-Yami no Mi is Logia, but he can’t transform his body into darkness. It looks like a Paramecia-type like Magellan or Katakuri. But I think the reason he can’t transform into darkness is because he is in the light himself.

We know that the counter to darkness is light. So maybe Blackbeard doesn’t utilize it properly because he is in the light and he can only use it in the dark.

Maybe that’s why they covered Whitebeard’s body with a black cloth so that it would be dark inside and he would use the full power of his devil fruit. Maybe he can still use it even in the morning but not its full power. Maybe at night he will be able to use it more and in his fight with Luffy he will wait for the night.

But if my first thought is wrong, my other thought is that Yami-Yami no Mi is also a mythical zoan whose name was changed because of its dangerous power. It could be one of the God devil fruits (Rain God, Forest God or Earth God).

If you think about it, what is the connection of darkness with Rain, the Forest or the Earth. Well, think about Luffy’s too. He was called the Sun God but his power was not fire but rubber and imaginations.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about One Piece and the more I think about it, the more excited and hyped I get. I’m not saying that you support my theory, for me, it just makes sense. You guys, what do you think?

Theory by Parasite_Death (