We all know that Charlotte Linlin has been in the game for a long time and has probably screwed with a lot of the past and present pirate generations souls/lifespans. So this brings me to Napoleon, Big Mom’s bicorn homie that turns into a seax.

While catching up on the anime I noticed Napoleon’s eyes in his seax form. Look a little familiar? Well that’s what I thought and that’s why I got to thinking, what if prior to Mihawk settling down with his monkey buds he drifted through the New World waiting to sail into Shanks?

One day he ends up in Totto Land, I don’t believe Big Mom’s devil fruit would work with “Life or…” because I don’t see him being afraid of her but what if to guarantee safe passage out of there he gave up some of his lifespan voluntarily.

It’s only said that Napoleon the Bicorne has a piece of Linlin’s own soul, what if that’s when she decided she needed a sword?

Napoleon has two distinct personalities as well depending on it being a hat or blade, the hat has its own set of eyes while the seax has its own set reminiscent of Mihawk.

The first time she’s seen with the hat is when she’s 48 in the drawing that Oda did of her at 28, 48, and 68. I’d say a lot can happen over 20 years. If you stole the essence of the greatest living swordsman I think the most logical thing is to forge a sword homie personality with it! What do you folks think? Yes I know it’s out there but it could be something or nothing at all.

Theory by Quake (https://www.reddit.com/user/The_Quake_/)