The Onigashima arc is indeed getting more and more exciting. In the latest episode, Yamato recounts her meeting with Ace at Onigashima. The two of them fought before finally becoming good friends. Ace also told Yamato about Luffy. Then what will happen in One Piece episode 1014 later?

Marco and Zoro decide to work together to face the all-powerful All-Star. At that time, Marco thought of his partner in the Whitebeard Pirates. There are several scenes from the Whitebeard Pirates that will be shown.

But unfortunately, One Piece episode 1014 will be postponed because there is a Nagoya Women’s Marathon broadcast during the One Piece anime showtime. One Piece Episode 1014, which is supposed to air on March 13, is delayed to March 20, 2022. Episode 1014 is entitled “Marco’s tears! Whitebeard crew background”.

“Straw Hat Luffy – The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King” is the 1015th episode of the One Piece, which is set to adapt Chapter 1000. The episode will be released on March 27, 2022. Episode 1015 will be one of the biggest episodes in the series. Considering what will be adapted in this episode, it may even surpass One Piece’s thousandth episode in terms of fan excitement and reception to quality.

Therefore, two truly exceptional episodes are expected, although we don’t know how TOEI animation intends to animate the epic Chapter 1000. We’ll only have to wait a few more weeks to find out, in the meantime let us know what you’re expecting by leaving a comment in the space provided below.