So, after reading Chapter 1053 I came up with a theory that makes sense regarding Im, Uranus and the Void Century, and It’s actually linked to an earlier theory I read where the three Ancient Weapons are actually representations of the three forms of Haki: Poseidon is Conqueror’s, Pluton is Armament, and Uranus is therefore Observation.

So before we start I’d like to point out some key information in my theory that depends on the reveal in 1053 that Pluton is in Wano, and the identity of Pluton in and of itself. Keep in mind, Poseidon which can summon many, many of these monsters called sea kings of which there are innumerably many in the oceans and seas of One Piece and Uranus which supposedly Im has the handle on are god level powerful.

Pluton in it’s description can only blow up an island in one shot. Peak Whitebeard could probably do that depending on the island! Garp, Roger and Rocks were also probably capable of this feat, maybe not in one blow but this just goes on to show how Pluton doesn’t seem overpowered enough to rank among the 3 ancient weapons, at least compared to Poseidon, which we know most about till now. So, Pluton must have had another, secret purpose that elevated it to the same level. Sure, being the only reproducible Ancient Weapon may bring up its worth, but we have no indication there were more than one made in Water-7.

This leads me to believe that the structure of Pluton is unique in some way, and the fact Pluton is a warship and Wano is the only place where a seastone mine exists as well as the origin of the nigh-unbreakable Poneglyphs leads me to believe that Pluton is made of the same alloy that the Poneglyphs are made of, and remember Poneglyphs represent a very key aspect of the one piece universe – INFORMATION THAT CANNOT BE ERASED, ONLY HIDDEN.

Now, let’s roll back the clock and talk about the Void Century. A century of almost certain great strife and one of the most mysterious things in One Piece. Yet, what many people forget about the Void century is that everyone forgot the Void Century. Seriously? A century of Turmoil, the Ancient Kingdom, the D clan, all the Ancient Weapons, and no one remembers anything? Not one stray notebook or hidden stele in the ENTIRE WORLD?

The World Government in One Piece clearly does not have absolute control over the world down to the smallest villages, so how are the Poneglyphs the only sources of ancient knowledge? No one in Ohara thought – gee, there’s a world war going on, let me write down everything I know and hide it in this little corner nobody would look in?

I’m almost certain that everyone in the world didn’t just make a pact alright boys we just had a 100 years of war, let’s just forget about it. So the conclusion is – they were made to forget. Therefore, my theory is that Uranus was used to ERASE all information about the events.

In my opinion, Uranus may be an absolute amplifier of Observation Haki , especially innate observation Haki like those of Lonely Red, who could read the thoughts of other people, attached to some other part of Uranus that erases on a large scale when targets are locked. It may even be that it amplifies the ability to hear the Voice of All Things to maybe alter or destroy things after hearing their “voice” on a conceptual level, like say every reference to “Clan D”.

Basically it’s either the Helicarriers from Project Insight from Captain America: Winter Soldier or Professor Xavier’s Cerebro that instead of finding mutants finds thoughts and any items associated with a certain topic then destroys them.

There’s a couple of things that would make sense in this case. The daughter of Uranus is the goddess of memory called Mnemosyne, which in an initial would be M, as in the name of Im, the leader of the World Government. Im might be an engineered human built specifically to control Uranus that went rogue and decided to destroy the Ancient Kingdom, i.e the daughter of Uranus.

I am almost certainly stretching here a little, but the D clan may even have been human experiments designed to battle Im, since all known bearers of the D name have had exceptional talent in Haki (Law?, Luffy, Roger, Garp, Xebec?) or some aspect related to their body (Teach with double fruits, Sauro being a Giant).

Also, they definitely all share the talent of causing problems wherever they go and basically being chaos incarnate. I say this because why else would they be Natural enemies of the Gods, as Doflamingo said? The word natural implies it is in their very nature, they were built that way, that their very will demands Freedom and implies an Enmity to the Celestial Dragons. But this is a pretty shaky extension, but just putting it out there.

What’s more interesting then is Pluton, because I think Pluton may be the only thing capable of resisting Uranus. After all, Armament Haki (=Pluton) is great at enhancing attack, but especially defense. Therefore anyone on Pluton cannot have any aspect of them erased, and is ideal to preserve information.

Remember, in a war, there is always attack and counterattack, so when the Great Kingdom realized that they were about to get destroyed they made Pluton as their ark to save them, as well as the Poneglyph to keep their information safe. Interestingly enough, there are said to be 5 rivers in the underworld + 2 that are outside for a grand total of 7 (like Water-7!) and one of these extra connected to the river of forgetfulness, the Lethe, is sometimes called Mnemosyne (though this is like the “non-cannon” greek myths, the main myths only have 5 rivers).

The real reason I believe all this is true is because of what is said about Raftel – if everybody knew what was on the island the world would descend into war against the WG instantly. If it was a simple war that defeated the Great Kingdom, people would not be so pissed off that they’d instantly go to fight the World Government. But what if people found out they’d been mind wiped repeated times? Or of the genocide that it took to make people forget the true history?

People would start signing up for war pretty quick! Also the way Im phrases “extinguishing the lights” makes it means snuff it out from history completely, like they did with Rocks. And what’s on Raftel may be the result of Joyboy finding a way to make everyone immune to the effects of Uranus, but it needs the help of the awakened Nika to use. That’s why Roger didn’t make a fuss after finding Raftel apart from his disease – he knew he couldn’t change anything yet. And once Nika arrives and inoculates the world and reveals the truth the war of liberation will start.

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