The amount of soldiers and battleship in the Marineford war is reported to be 100,000+ soldiers and 50+ battleships. As for Buster Call, it is 10,000+ soldiers (including 5 vice admirals) and 10 battleships.

Egghead is confirmed to have 100+ battleship arriving making this the largest scale declaration of war we have ever seen! Going by estimation the amount of soldiers arriving would be anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000+ (including 1 Gorosei, 1 admiral and at least 5 vice admirals).

How can a crew of 10 face 100,000 of soldiers? This is not the first time the Strawhats have faced 100,000 soldiers. Back in Fish-Man Island, they are faced with the same amount of foddlers, but this time in Egghead there will be more officers to handle.

The news in Fish-Man Island has not spread throughout the world, so one of the stunning fact that would shock the world is Strawhats’ victory against the force of 100,000. Victory doesn’t mean the Marines are destroyed but their objective lost, in this case Vegapunk. Vegapunk will survive this and escaped with the Straw Hats.

Straw Hat Grand Fleet will not be coming to Egghead, the news have not been spread yet, they will join the war after what happens on Egghead seeing the news published by Morgans, the news would also include aftermaths that have been built up in this current arc such as Blackbeard vs Law, Garp rescues Coby, Macro and Weevil, and possibly Shanks vs Kidd (possibly because the news might not spread here from Elbaf) which would be offscreen-ed.

Imagine the next day headline – The Emperor Straw Hat Luffy and his commanders defeated the mighty navy with a fleet of over 100 ships along with an admiral, and kidnapped the leading scientist of the world government Vegapunk.

Theory by Locky_Strikto (