Luffy, Law, Kid will lead pirates in the war against World Government.

In Chapter 1012 cover page we saw Eustass Kid wearing a cloth with 3D and 99% written on it. This 99% thing has been repeatedly shown on his cloths on previous other chapter’s covers too(Don’t exactly remember their numbers). I saw someone saying here that Kid is the guy with 1% survival chance, that is 99% death.

I kind of find it interesting and just want to point out this one more point about 3D written on his cloth. We all already know about supernova trio- Luffy, Law, Kid. Two of these carry the name D, but what if supernova trio is actually a D trio? I mean I certainly feel that there are high chances of this, taking in consideration that at the end Supernova trio will lead pirates in the war against world government (I’m kind of assuming this). What do you think?

Killer will die to save Kid.

A lot of people are theorizing Killer’s death in Wano, although I don’t want this to happen, I feel that there might be a high chance for something like this. First, assuming since Kid has 1% chance of surviving the raid, and Kid, Killer were shown parallel as Luffy, Zoro.

Maybe Killer will die to save Kid, thus adding weight to his death making it a sacrifice. And this leads to a Killer’s flashback, just like we had Law’s flashback at Dressrosa. Also by the end of Wano, we might get a complete exposure of X Drake.

Momonosuke will command Zunisha.

Toki Amatsuki might be the key of how Momonosuke could command Zunisha. It’s not my theory, I just read on a thread here, only adding my assumptions to it. From what we have seen it seems like Toki kept jumping into the future in order to save herself, but save from who?

Also we found Toki outside of Wano, while her family was from Wano. But from the future jump of the scabbards we can conclude that a person ends up at exactly the same place in future from where he jumped from the past. That means that Toki was outside of Wano when she escaped to the future. The theory says it’s the heir of both Kozuki and Amatsuki clan, can command Zunisha since the last one to command it to walk was someone with both Kozuki and Amatsuki clan.

Now, Momonosuke is the next heir to command her. And that’s why new world government at that time was trying to wipe out all of Amatsuki, and only Toki was left while she escaped to the future. And Kozuki clans closed the borders of wano to protect itself from a STRONG OUTSIDE POWER.

Two Arcs after Wano.

Let’s get back to Supernovas and future arcs, since we are assuming that the Supernovas will lead the pirate world against World Government, Law’s backstory, Bege siding with Straw Hats against Big Mom, and now possibly Kid’s back story makes a lot of sense.

Now, I wanna say that most probably we will be getting two Arcs after Wano, one for Jewlry Bonney, and another one is Urouge. My assumption is that most probably after Wano we will get Jewlry Bonney, and because of her involvement with Kuma, and that leads to inclusion of Sabo, most probably Vivi and Revolutionary army.

Someone also theorized an arc related to underworld and world government’s ties to underworld, so most likely it might be this arc. And I certainly feel either Urouge sides with Blackbeard or he will be included on Elbaf(Or Shanks island). Also I’m not sure about Appo and Hawkins and how they will end.

One or few Straw hats might die.

By the end of series one or few straw hats might die, since I feel it will be a too easy of a victorious journey without a self sacrifice kind of thing. Just my opinion.

Theory by Akki