One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda gave fans a great chapter last week. Now that One Piece is about to get Chapter 966, fans are looking forward to seeing the events that may happen to Oden’s adventure. Luckily, we already got some leaked spoilers of the upcoming chapter, so in this post, we will be talking about One Piece Chapter 966.

Chapter 966 Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers, Chapter 966 is titled “Roger and Whitebeard”. In the cover, Chiffon is arrested in the hair salon by the Marines (3 new Marines appear in the cover). The fight between Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates will happen, but it’s not shown in detail, and it will take some hours/days. After the battle, they become friendly with one another, they share treasures, food and drinks in a banquet.

Roger will talk with Oden and Whitebeard about Road Poneglyphs, and then he begs Oden to join his ship. Since Oden knows how to read the Poneglyphs, he is the only one capable of guiding Roger to Laugh Tale. Of course, as we know Oden will agree to join Roger Pirates. In addition, we will see Roger Pirates have a good time with Oden’s children, Rayleigh holding Momo and Roger holding Hiyori.

At the end of the chapter we can see Roger Pirates in the Sky Island. Oden will sculpt Roger’s message on the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell. There is also a raw scan showing a possible face off between Shanks and Teach. That’s all we know so far, please refresh this page to get the latest One Piece Chapter 966 spoilers.