After a long wait, One Piece Chapter 963 spoilers were finally leaked. The upcoming chapter will focus on Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, Kawamatsu and Whitebeard Pirates. There are lots of interesting things to be revealed in this chapter, so we will be talking about One Piece Chapter 963 in today’s post.

According to the leaked spoilers, it looks like that the Mink Tribe and Kozuki family knows each other from more than a decade. Hundreds of years ago, the Mink tribe and the Kozuki family made an appointment. If one of them experiences hardship, they must help each other. Inu and Neko are interested in this ancient story, so they go to the sea, and then stranded in Wano. They are treated as monsters along with Kawamatsu being bullied, and finally helped by Oden.

We haven’t seen the story of Kawamatsu joining Oden, but from the spoilers, we will know his story in this chapter. Kawamatsu was stranded to Wano with his mother because his ship sank. Kawamatsu is a Fishman, he remembered the words of his deceased mother that Fishman was discriminated against, so to survive he claimed to be a Kappa.

As we all know, Oden was once a member of Whitebeard Pirates, but we don’t know how he became Whitebeard’s member. The spoilers will give us some hints. According to the summary leaked, Oden was interested in the Whitebeard Pirates, who soon came to Kuri with a damaged ship that would take a week to repair. The Wano folk were in a bit of panic cause a Pirate Ship have touched down at one of the Wano Port. A random person is worried and telling some people that ‘someone’ has gone to drive them off. Oden will approach the ship, but his purpose was to get on this ship.

The Whitebeard Pirates are a perplexed that they arrived on land after climbing the waterfall (seems like a few of them are missing). Marco volunteered to go somewhere ‘prolly scouting’ and Whitebeard doesn’t want him to go cause he’s only an apprentice. Whitebeard senses someone rapidly approaching them so he tells his crew to step back. Maybe Oden was trying to test out how strong the pirates on the shore are that he decided to attack them.

The last part of the spoiler post details a reunion between Oden and his father. Oden heard that his father had fallen ill, so he went to visit him. Sukiyaki was surprised when he saw his son who had grown rapidly. However, this was their last talk and meeting. One Piece Chapter 963 will be officially release on November 25 in the weekly Shonen Jump issue.