In One Piece Chapter 1071, Vegapunks talk about one more person staying on Egghead who can help them escape CP0, I believe this person to be none other than Urouge.

Urouge is hiding on Egghead Island.

As we all know the last remaining Supernova that has no interaction with the Straw Hats is Urouge. Meanwhile we’re nearing the end of the game.

Also, Urouge may be related to recent plot setups with Seraphim and the introduction of King as Lunarian since Urouge is a Skypiean or Lunarian or whatever. (Both race’s have wings, maybe it’s a stretch but I’m assuming there is a connection between the two so whichever Urouge is doesn’t matter).

The reason Urouge has to hide on the island is because he is one of the Supernovas. And it seems that Vegapunk believed in his strength that could stand against CP0.

The last time we saw Urouge was when he was on that lightning island, which seems consistent with recent chapter theories surrounding the disappearance of the entire island.

I’m trying to think of reasons why it couldn’t be him? Let me know what you think. I’m a fan of the “real” Kuma theories floating around too.

I also like the idea of Urouge going with the Straw Hats to Elbaf. Urouge defeating a pretentious giant with his devil fruit would be a great moment. He and Usopp would also make an interesting duo.