After a long wait, One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers were finally leaked. Fans are all excited to continue seeing the fight between Kaido, Big Mom and the Worst Generations

According to Gyrozepp95 who provided the spoilers and basic summary of the upcoming chapter, Chapter 1008 is titled – “Atamayama bandit leader: Ashura Doji”.

One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers:

– Oden says that he has reached the future thanks to Toki’s powers.

– Ashura Doji does not believe him and gives him a cut, Oden does not bleed.

– It is revealed to be a fake Oden created by Kanjuro’s powers.

– A bomb explodes affecting the false Oden and Ashura.

– Jack arrives at the scene to stop the scabbards, Inuarashi clashes with him. The rest leave out to find Momonosuke.

– Orochi is still alive.

– There is a scene with Yamato and Momonosuke.

– Kaido in hybrid form and Big Mom Vs. the Worst Generation.

Law: We have to remove one of them.

Zoro: I agree.

Kid: Having the two of you side by side in front of myself is like being in hell.

Luffy: I’ve already been to hell many times!!