As we all know Eiichiro Oda is a Japanese manga artist and the creator of the series One Piece. But before Oda started the One Piece manga series, he released a one-shot manga series titled “Monsters.”

And during the One Piece Day 2023 event on Saturday, it was announced that “Monsters: Ippaku Sanjō Hiryū Jigoku” one-shot manga will get an anime adaptation.

The one-shot was featured in Oda’s Wanted!, which is a collection of manga one-shots. Shueisha published Wanted! in Japan in 1998. Shueisha first published the one-shot in 1994 in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Monsters manga is important as it takes place in the same universe as One Piece. The manga features the character Ryuma, who later appears in the “Thriller Bark” arc of “One Piece”.

Jujutsu Kaisen director Sunghoo Park is directing the anime and is also in charge of composition. Park’s new studio E&H production is animating the work. The anime will be the length of one episode.