As you know, the leaks for the SBS for Volume 101 are upon us, so I will share everything I know with you in this post. Now, If I miss something or that the info isn’t correct, feel free to send me a PM. If you also have better translation, then don’t hesitate to share them or PM me.

Red Hair Pirates:

Oda: Including the subordinate crews, the Red Hair Pirates are now a huge team. People who appeared at the Summit War with a DOOM are the current executives, and they know Luffy.

Left to right: Lime Juice, Bonk Punch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongou, Howling Gab, Rockstar. Rockstar is strong, but he’s not an executive.

Question about One Piece Japanese Youtuber:

Oda: I know they exist, and I have actually watched a number of them. I am surprised, everyone is really detailed, and the theories too, they actually predict future story, so I stop watching them lol.

It’s dangerous for me to consider all my readers to be at that level, after all there are plenty of casual readers too, I need to draw One Piece that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Seeing people that understand things so well will corrupt me lol, “ah I don’t have to explain stuff here, they’ll get it”. So yeah, I won’t be checking anyone, just get along and enjoy….

Shimotsuki Ushimaru:

Question: Lord Oda Eiichiro, I have read chapter 1024 and is deeply intrigued. Is the person who call himself “so and so” the father of Mr. Zoro?

Oda: I got a lot of questions about “so and so”. It’s kind of rude to reveal it since the person we’re talking decide to hide it, but since a lot of you are asking I’ll formally introduce them.

Daimyo of Ringo: Shimotsuki Ushimaru

Daimyo of Kibi: Fugetsu Omusibi (triangle head person)

Daimyo of Udon: Uzuki Tenpura

After the death of Oden, all of the regions rise up to take down Orochi, but they were defeated by the Beasts Pirates. Shimotsuki Ushimaru and Onimaru, the fox who stole shusui from Zoro, was a famous duo. There was originally going to be a scene when Onimaru is stealing Shusui, he is shocked by the appearance of Zoro, who looks identical to young Ushimaru; but that just makes things complicated so it got cut, besides it might not even be brought up in the manga.

Anyway I’ll answer your question, Ushimaru is not Zoro’s dad. These three characters’ name won’t be revealed in the manga, so I include them here. Regarding the lineage of Ushimaru, I’m not sure whether I’ll draw more or hide it, so let’s end the discussion here. They really do look alike huh?