Hey guys! Recently, Oda opened up about the state of One Piece in an interview. Japanese Youtubers called Fischer’s posted a video of Oda’s studio. They held an interview with Oda and Oda revealed end date of One Piece. Thanks to @sandman_AP, we had a summary of the interview. Here is the summary.

– The great incident by Straw Hat Grand Fleet mentioned in Dressrosa arc will happen “soon”. (Not sure how exactly “soon” Oda meant.)
– Oda says Stampede has a hint about Raftel that One Piece fans would be willing to discuss. (Probably he implied that romanization.)
– Oda didn’t draw Raftel island in the map mentioned by Crocus.
– After a discussion about Bullet’s bounty in Stampede, they decided not to reveal it.
– Straw Hats broke up in Sabaody before time skip. The locations where each crewmates sent (ex. Amazon Lily) were chosen by Kuma’s own will.

– Oda’s shoe size is 26.5cm.
– Oda loves Sushi so much.
– Oda started playing futsal for the first time in 20 years, but he ended up getting injured many times. So he recently decided to take a walk to improve his health.
– There is a rumor that Oda has Automated Teller Machine to withdraw money in his house, but he denies.
– Oda says he’d like to finish One Piece in 5 years.

Oda revealed he would like to finish One Piece in 5 years, but that’s not necessarily going to happen. I don’t think it will be enough to conclude the whole story. We still got the rest of Wano, Elbaf, the Final Island, the Final War, Raftel, etc. So, there’s no reason to hold your breath or binge it if you’re a new fan waiting for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel to get into it, we still have a lot of One Piece left.