Chapter 1,000 of “One Piece” has been officially published. Thus, Oda gave us a passionate letter to mark the publication of his 1,000th chapter. Thanks to Sandman, we had the translation of Oda’s full message, you guys can check it below.

Eiichiro Oda’s Message

“1000 chapters!! Well, too many events have happened for the past 23 years. I spent half of my life on weekly serialization…lol.

Luffy has taken voyages to many islands and had many adventures. I don’t know how many people they have met! On the other hand, I have met many people and have been supported by countless number of people including my family. I can’t give my thanks enough to those people.

“Audience leave after 5 years”. This is my theory of long-term-entertainments because audience have their busy daily life. Therefore, I have kept in mind not to call my audience as “fan”. I have been telling myself, “Don’t be arrogant” considering they will stop reading One Piece some day.

To my embarrassment, I have been drawing my manga as I like till now, believing my audience who kindly believe Luffy.

Luffy’s adventure is near the final arc. I have already drawn as many as 1000 chapters. There will be too exciting a story thanks to those accumulated 1000 chapters! Yes, it will be!! To all ONE PIECE fans around the world, it’s been a long story, but please support Luffy’s adventure for a little longer!!”

Eiichiro Oda – January 2021