Jump Festa 2020 has concluded, and in this event, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has shared his thoughts about the One Piece TV series. Thanks to Sandman, we had the translation of Oda’s full message, you guys can check it below.

Oda’s Message

“Hello, everyone who came to Jump Festa! This is your King speaking! Actually, I lied. This is Oda.

The year of the 20th anniversary of the One Piece TV series really hit us with all its fury. There have been tons of events, illustrations, films, the whole thing was jam-packed, huh! I would like to use this chance to seriously thank everyone who took the time to join in!” To all the staff involved in all of this: Great work, everybody! Now you can finally rest.

But, well… As for the source material, I don’t think I’ll have any time to rest myself. In fact, I’ve already destroyed all my own chances at a break! Are you enjoying the adventures of Kouzuki Oden so far?

I’ve been worried about revealing spoilers in this arc, so I’ve been super careful drawing it. If I don’t keep myself in check, I’ll end up plotting out the entire rest of One Piece’s story right there. [Note: He probably means spoiling so much, that everybody is gonna be able to guess the ending.]

While I’m showing all these flashbacks, Luffy’s party’s adventures are having their stakes risen as well. They’ll soon be faced with the reality that you have to bring sacrifices to fight for the things you believe in!! Well, of course, Luffy is not the sort of person to think about those sorts of things though.

The Wano Kuni arc is finally moving towards its climax as well!! I’ve been looking forwards to drawing Wano Kuni a lot, so I’m psyched! And once it’s over, things are going to be grim. Sabo will…!! Vivi will…!! Hancock will…!! AAAAAAAA…!!!

OK. Last but not least, the exhibition you all came here for is just about to begin! Please take a close look at everything!! The next year of One Piece will also be SO, SO MUCH FUN!!

-December 2019, Eiichiro Oda