The spread of COVID-19 throughout the world has led to myriads of cancellations and delays in a plethora of visual media industries. The Japanese anime communities have had their fair share of disappointing setbacks. Recently, One Piece writer Eiichiro Oda has released a message in response to the current state of the Coronavirus scare on Twitter. You guys can read more here:

Oda’s Message:

“Concerning the manga, I’m still drawing every day as usual, but since all our work is analog, we can’t avoid gathering people, so we have limited the staff to its minimum, and I also have to live a life as far from contamination as I can, because of that, the progress of the original story and other projects have been slowed down to a frustrating extent. That is why, although I think the interruption period will be shorter, please understand that we are not taking a break because I’m feeling unwell, we are reorganizing work to continue making this manga while staying healthy!

The anime is also interrupted for now, but preparations are under way behind the scenes so that the show can continue even in the current situation.

Now, in order to support part of your time staying home, the first 61 volumes of one piece are available for free on Jump+ (only in japan). A manga will not help you through the basic necessities of life, but I’ll be happy to help you relax with the story’s foolish moments when you need some fresh air. I’m hoping from the bottom of my heart that you will all be safe and well, in your body and mind!”