One Piece finally returned with an incredibly powerful chapter earlier this week and it is safe to say that fans were fairly satisfied with what Oda delivered. The chapter focused entirely on the clash between the Pirates and the Marines in the New World on Hachinosu Island, where Garp was captured by the Blackbeard Pirates.

I think everyone is speculating whether or not (or rather when) Luffy decides to face the Blackbeard Pirates after hearing about his grandpa’s defeat.

Back in the days when Rocks D. Xebec was a major threat in the One Piece universe, we saw a major pirate crew and a marine team up to take him down.

What if Koby wants to avenge the death/capturing of his old mentor? My theory? I think he will join the Straw Hat Pirates to take down the biggest current threat (according to Shanks) and fight the Blackbeard pirates.

I am willing to take this even further. Everybody is speculating who Aokiji is fighting when the Blackbeard pirates and the Strawhat pirates eventually clash. What if Aokiji is not fighting a Strawhat? What is he is fighting the latest pupil of his old mentor? Student vs student, the one who inherited Garp’s skills.

The parallels with the old days are there; a pirate group teaming up with a marine facing a guy who might be the most dangerous foe in the world. What do you all think?

Theory by Mathmagician (