With the Ancient Weapons, the Gorosei, the Nefertari, and Imu all drawing inspiration from Mediterranean Mythology, there is one famous story that has not been mentioned, one that better explains why the Void Century conflict began, and why the ancient kingdom was wiped out of all known records:

The Trojan War

In the story of the Trojan War, Paris, the son of the King of Troy, takes the wife of the king of Sparta, Helen. Sparta, in response, rallies the rest of Greece to fight Troy. What results is a massive, decade long war between Greece and Troy.

And what happened to Troy at the end of the Trojan War?

It was wiped from history, literally thought to be a myth until archaeologists discovered the truth of history, that Troy DID exist.

And how do we know that Troy even existed?

Through stories like the Iliad, categorized as a poem by historians, and something that shares many similarities to song (Yo-ho-ho-ho, giving a shoutout to another theory that works in harmony with this).

If Nefertari Lily fell in love with JoyBoy, and allied with him (as revealed with her name being Nefertari D Lily), wouldn’t she be labeled as a traitor? Why wouldn’t she fall in love with somebody who brings laughter and joy wherever he goes? And why wouldn’t Imu IMMEDIATELY get angry and rally to destroy the kingdom JoyBoy is from? From there, why wouldn’t he have every single record of the kingdom and JoyBoy wiped from history?

Because he’s a jealous prick.

Imu nuked Lulusia out of existence all because “it’s convenient”. If he can be that indifferent to an island with thousands of inhabitants, he would absolutely be petty enough to wipe an entire kingdom out of existence because JoyBoy, an inhabitant of said kingdom, stole your girl. Imu’s character and reasoning makes even more sense when you consider another odd question from Wano:

Why was Who’s Who punished so harshly for losing the Gum-Gum Fruit?

Consider Enies Lobby and CP-9. Not only did the Straw Hats break into one of the most famous Marine bases on the planet, they kicked CP-9’s butts and broke out Robin. For this failure, not only did Lucci and Kaku not get thrown into Impel Down, they got a promotion. This is despite them getting their butts kicked and letting Nico Robin, a woman that the World Government has labeled as one of the most dangerous women alive, get away.

For Who’s Who, let’s consider it from Imu’s point of view and that he’s just a vindictive jerk: The devil fruit associated with the guy that stole your lover, the fruit carrying his very will, is now in the hands of pirates, and this guy right here is to blame.

Imu would absolutely take out his rage on Who’s Who by throwing him into the embodiment of hell on earth to rot and suffer for the rest of his days. After all, he attacked Cobra the moment he found out that Lily had the Will of D and began to assume that her scattering the Poneglyphs was in deliberate defiance of him.

Other details in the manga either get covered or solved when you consider that Imu is a jealous lover of Lily. Why are there lilies in Imu’s chamber? Because they remind him of her. Why are the Nefertaris labeled traitors?

Because after the war, and after Imu annihilated every bit of evidence of JoyBoy and his kingdom, Lily wouldn’t marry Imu, and instead chose to escape into hiding (Amazon Lily, anyone?). Why did she scatter the Poneglyphs? She hates Imu. Why did she leave the letter? She hates Imu.

“But what about all of the Egyptian mythology clues and hints with Imu and Lily’s names?”

What about Monkey D Luffy? What about his influences from Sun Wukong? What happened to all the concept art of Gear 5 that had him becoming monkey-like and wielding a pole?

There is a limit to how much inspiration Oda draws from something, and there are points where you can definitely overthink and overanalyze the details of One Piece to where you overshoot and miss your mark.

We are talking about a guy who once had Luffy and Zoro fight for no real or explainable reason. Sure, those clues can provide a link between Imu and Lily, and is actually one of the reasons that the Trojan War connection is so much stronger here. However, it does not mean that the two are the same person.

TL,DR – JoyBoy, an inhabitant / prince / ruler of the ancient kingdom, won the heart of Nefertari Lily. This enraged Imu, who also loved Lily. In response, he rallies the other kingdoms together to wipe the Ancient Kingdom off the face of the Earth, and to erase it from history completely. Lily scatters the Poneglyphs, and escapes into hiding, to spite Imu.

Theory by C-TAP (https://www.reddit.com/user/C-TAP)