Lunarians are a race of people from the Red Line capable of creating fire from their body. The race is commonly thought to be extinct, with King as the only known survivor.

As we found out in Chapter 1033, Lunarians used to be known as a tribe of “gods” while they dwelled on top of the Red Line. However, they have been exterminated and replaced by the Celestial Dragons. But the Celestial Dragons have been residing at the Red Line for 800 years. So how is King still around? He is 47 years old at present, so where was he born? There must have been some Lunarians still around for King to exist, but where are they?

I believe they were in Impel Down. We already know that the levels of Impel Down have different environments, one level is freezing, one is intensely hot etc. Queen explicitly mentions that Lunarians could survive in any environment, I don’t think this was a throwaway line. I believe the World Government kept the surviving Lunarians in Impel Down to experiment on and study them with ready access to a variety of extreme environments.

But we also have Big Mom saying that King is the last of his kind now and I doubt she is wrong about this… So what happened to King’s parents?

My theory is that they tried breaking out of Impel Down with King and were killed during the attempt. This would explain why King wears what strongly resembles the outfit of a warden of Impel Down. He may have clashed with the then warden and defeated him, or he may have stolen the outfit to use as a disguise to escape.

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