Oda (and Sanji) stated that the Diable Jambe comes from his passion that burns hotter than anyone else and that is how he produces his flames.

This theory is based on Sora being a part of Lunarian. What if the way Lunarian’s control their flames is through their emotions (obvious speculation). Then Oda wouldn’t have ever lied about how Sanji’s flames work. Thus, he was trolling the audience all along.

But, not only was he trolling us, he was trolling Judge and Big Mom.

Why he is trolling Big Mom?

Big Mom wanted one of each race in her nation. She asked King to join her to include a Lunarian, but if she didn’t plot to kill the Vinsmoke and had the Pudding marriage been authentic, she would have had a part Lunarian in her tribe.

Why he is trolling Judge?

Sora may have fallen in love with Judge because of a shared experience of loosing their homeland. She wanted to keep her kids passion, while Judge sought powerful children. What if she understood the power her kids would posses if they just kept their emotions. Judge would have robbed himself of the power he sought because he was willing to give away their emotions to make them more powerful.

Theory by Reapics.