In chapter 1060, it’s finally officially revealed that Luffy’s dream differ from his usual catchline “I want to be the Pirate King” as we were brought to think during the story. This information had also been already first hinted in chapter 585. During this chapter we see Ace, Sabo and Luffy making an oath and state their respective dream, where Luffy is the only one whose statement isn’t shown in chapter panels but it is indeed skipped.

Now, It is already been speculated what this dream could actually be by the community, one of the most prominent theme being the desire to do a big feast with every race and eat all together… And so on. I’ll explain you why this kind of theories don’t hold and i’ll tell you what i think could actually be his dream, basing my assumption on the information the manga gave us.

I think Luffy’s dream is to end the pirate age

Now, let’s see chapter 1060 first. The thing we have to focus on is, of course, the Strawhats reactions.

Everyone is surprised because they think Luffy is the last person in the world who would say that he wants to end the pirate era, since he wants to be the Pirate King. (What?!)

Sanji says to Chopper to check his head, like he has said something totally unexpected by his character.

Regarding Robin, we rarely see her surprised like this. I think Luffy’s dream is sure idealistic, as a child’s dream would be, but as I already told I don’t think it will the classic type of childish dream “I want to have a big party with everyone – go to the moon and bla bla”. In fact in this scenario I think Robin reaction would most probably be one of those motherly laugh that she gives Luffy when he says something idealistically funny and childish at the same time. In this situation her surpriseness is quite serious.

Usopp is upset. Do you think Usopp would be upset to have the biggest party ever? Of course not! Actually, the reason he’s upset could be the fact that his dream is to be a brave pirate, so hearing Luffy says he want to end pirate age would be quite in contrast with his dream.

They also said that in order to achieve this dream, Luffy need to be Pirate King (finding the One Piece and reveal it to the world, in this case the pirate age who was born with the dream of the legendary treasure that push many to the sea would die with the claiming and revelation of the legendary treasure)

In chapter 585, Ace is disappointed (“of all the things you could come out with…”). ( We dream all day about being pirates and then you come out saying you want to end the pirate age and kill the mood)

Also, in chapter 966 Roger words (probably the same of Luffy’s) left Whitebeard surprised and Oden speechless.

The reason I think Luffy wants to end the pirate age is because theoretically a world without pirate is a world where everyone is free. We know for a fact that freedom is Luffy’s most important value and it’s the main topic of the story.

A pirate is someone who is in search for freedom and try to elude authorities (in this case World Government and Navy), so it seems logical that a world in which everyone can do whatever he wants (until it hurts the freedom of others) is indeed a world without controls (World Government) and so, without pirates. Only people.

Kid Luffy, of course, doesn’t know about World Government and stuff, but he can still make the association, no piracy, no controls, everyone’s free. If Roger did start the golden era of piracy, he wants to do something as much as big as it is ending it. He didn’t think much about it in the first place. As Luffy grows up over the years and acquires knowledge about the world he lives in, the more his dream acquires consciousness and maturity.

Roger had the same dream, but for obvious reason we all know he couldn’t achieve it during his life (pirate already existed during his time). So in order to accomplish it, he’s willingly created the great pirate age in order to push more pirates in search of the One Piece, in the hope that someone of them will free the world so that no one needs to be an outlaw in order to do whatever he wants (explore the world!).

Many people criticized the fact that Roger can’t have said this exact words because there was no golden age of piracy before he started it with his death. I Agree that there wasn’t a golden age of piracy yet, but the era Roger lived was definitely a era of piracy too.

I think that piracy became a thing when the World Government was born 800 years before the narration. Roger death only pushed more people to the sea to become pirates, but pirates already esxisted. Maybe it’s a bit stretched, but i think it could make at least some sense.

Let me know what you think!