One’s Lineage Factor stores its memories and ability


Now why exactly is this important? I’d like to bring you back to the time Seraphim Mihawk Shaved off a considerable part of a mountain and made Blackbeard use haki for the first time in the series.

The Seraphim aren’t inherently powerful due to the Lunarian’s genes but because of the lineage factor of the warlords which helps them develop. The Mihawk Seraphim was able to put such a display of power because of the ability and recollections of the original Mihawk. Now the Question stands is that were the Seraphim to grow, will it, at some point, acquire the power of the present day Mihawk?

The second interesting detail is that Zoan fruits have a will of their own unlike Paramecia and Logia. We didn’t have the reason for this before but now we do. This is because Zoan fruits contain Lineage factor of living being and therefore are capable of retaining memories.

Zoan awakenings often overhaul the personality of the original user causing them to become simple minded beasts (such as the jailer beasts). The same thing happened with Luffy during Gear5. He lost all sense of fear and was overcome with joy but he still retained his original self.

According to the Gorosei, the World Government has been trying to acquire the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika for almost 800 years but they were never successful. The reason can be it contains lineage factor of Joyboy (Nika), so the World Government will never get it.

Now what if Luffy were to completely lose control over his self like the jailer beasts? If so, he’d turn entirely into the original Nika and maybe even retain some memories of the past as chapter 1065 suggests. If he gets reminded of the ancient history in the middle of a fight, the hype is unimaginable. I can see Oda using this as a way to drop some important lore hints in the future.

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