In Chapter 1044, we learned that the Gomu Gomu no Mi has always been a Zoan Type Fruit with the name of a god.

The name of this god is actually Sun God Nika, and is a very specific name to choose. Because Oda could just simply name him “Laugh God Nika”, “Miracle God Nika”, “Freedom God Nika” or anything like that and the whole metaphor of him being the one who bring joy would be still correct.

So why name him the Sun God? Yes, because of the Dawn being a central theme in the Void Century plot. But also to link the fruit with the one god that other species worship.

The Sun God has being mentioned by Giants and the Shandians. And in the later particular case, it is mentioned with other gods: God of the Sun, God of the Rain, God of the Forest and God of the Land.

So now that the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Sun God Nika is a thing, why the other gods would be out of the question?

The only other God we know its name is the God of the Land “Vearth”. As we hear Conis talk about its statue. And in Skypiea plot, the whole fight is because of Vearth (the Skyfolk name for Land).

And one particular point I’d like to make is: Sun God Nika Fruit doesn’t give you Solar-like powers, it was called like that because it brings joy like the sun does to living beings. So, the Rain God isn’t technically limited to water-like powers, it would be another metaphor similar to the sun one. And the same applies to the other gods, their names could be just another metaphor.

This brings another question to the table: Have we already seen another god-fruit without knowing it? I think we have seen another one.The Yami Yami no Mi of Blackbeard.

First of all, the appearance of the fruit itself is similar to the Gomu Gomu no Mi. It gives its user an special ability unusual of its supposed type: Blackbeard can’t evade attacks like a Logia are able to. And finally, Blackbeard can use another devil fruit, and while this could be because of “his strange body” it is also possible another ability of the fruit and that’s why Teach withstood a long time to get it.

But, why would it be the Vearth? In chapter 244, Conis says that “Vearth it’s the Idol representing the eternal yearnings of the citizens who live in the sky”. This could be interpreted as if Vearth its the representation of the desire of land. And I think that’s the whole point of Blackbeard: to conquer it all, the desire of all. Giving more sense as why is the Anti-Luffy.

In One Piece Green special book, it is stated that Blackbeard in early sketches was supposed to named, “Everything D. Teach”. And I think this has a triple meaning:

Blackbeard was a real pirate that was governor of the Republic of Pirates in Nassau and was famous because of the blockade of Charleston Harbor. Successor of Benjamin Hornigold (Gold Roger maybe?) and Henry Jennings.

Henry Every (or Henry Avery) was the real life “King of the Pirates”, as he was one of the most profitable pirates in history. The name Everything D. Teach could be a nod to this pirate.

Everything D. Teach sounds like “the One who desires everything” in the same vain that Monkey D. Luffy is just “Luffy is like a Monkey (also Sun Wukong god).

And this brings my final thoughts: Luffy is the one who chases freedom, the idea of destroying everything to give the world a united sea without borders, One Piece of Sea.

And Teach is seeking to destroy the sea (as he did capable in Marineford) to build a kingdom in Land (like he’s doing it in Fullalead/Hachinosu) in which he’s the only ruler, making a world with just one island: creating a world with just One Piece of Land.

Theory by RomiBlueGuy (