Hey guys! The leaks for the SBS Volume 100 are upon us, so now I will be sharing them with you in this post. If I miss something or that the info isn’t correct, feel free to contact me.

Thanks to Kirosh for the translation.

Question: Are Ulti and Pageone real siblings? Pageone seems to call her with a term that feels more like it could also be said to an older female friend, not just big sister, so I’m very curious about the two!

Oda: Yeah, they are brother and sister. It appears their father was a pirate too, but he passed away. Kaido knew their father, so he ended up taking the two with him afterwards. Ulti was very smart. She stole two devil fruits that Kaido had and made both her and her brother into capable forces, so that they could survive in this pirate crew, where the strong make it and the weak get devoured. They even managed to become Tobi Roppo.

Question: Oda please tell me what Hawkins eyebrows are the way they are.
1: He was born that way.
2: He painted ’em on.
3: He has thick eyebrows and this is the result of shaving them.
4: He ended up with those after a punishment game. I love his eyebrows!!

Oda: So, like, that’s not his eyebrows. Every triangle is a single hair, so for eyebrows Hawkins has six strands of hair going on.

Question: Oda-sensei! Is Wanokuni based on this? (Japan)

Oda: Yes, that’s right! The prototype is the Japanese archipelago. This was the original setting. Originally this was the oni island which is Hokkaido, but because of the need for the plot, it became the current location.

Question: A question to Mr. Oda! One Piece 95 volume 33 pages, in the flower capital we see this person, is that Shinobu as a man?

Oda: Oh my. You found that out! How can you say such a rude thing like Shinobu! He’s actually Shinobu’s older brother, and his name is “Shinobu-uke”. He loved his sister and knew that Shinobu would be hunted down and killed for being a “renegade” after he left the Gotei gang, so he became a renegade himself, protecting his sister while acting as a Kouzuki samurai.

Question: Franky says that he is not a robot. Do you give him a check mark?

Oda: No because he is a Cyborg so indeed he is not a machine …… eh?

Question: Mr. Oda! Please tell me how strong and powerful CP is! I think it should be like this: [strongest] CP0. CP9. CP8. CP7… [weakest], something like that? Please tell me!

Oda : This whole group, the CP, is actually a spy group. That is, people who work in the shadow of the Government. The general public only know “CP1” to “CP8”. The larger the number, the more important the task assigned. The legendary “CP9” has the privilege of eliminating people who are in the way of the government, and is a murderous group that should not exist. The CP0 is different, is directly under the commands of the Celestial Dragons, and because they act under their orders, they are the strongest.

Question : Oda-sensei! I have a question! Does the weapon used by Kaido have a name! In addition it anthropomorphized will be how handsome ah!

Oda : Here comes a question that I’m good at! I see~. Look first? Ah, the weapon is called “Hasai Kai” (A reference to the Eight Commandments of Buddhism). It has no ranking, but if Kaido has leave it behind, it will also be called a legend, right. Let’s see anthropomorphism! I feels like Kaido is much more scary …!

Dialogue right: What are you doing? Going outside! I will not go out! Dialogue left: I will not go out!

Question: Black Maria’s ability is kinda like the SMILEs, no?

Oda: I know whatya mean! I know that the hybrid form shouldn’t have two faces and her arms should be spider-like. However there is no clear cut rule for the zoan transformations, see Chopper. Just like he manipulated his transformations, it is possible for others as well! Black Maria also feels that becoming a full spider woman isn’t beautiful at all, so she must have used some drugs to change her Hybrid form. Here’s the natural one btw.

Also Some Vivre Card information:

King was one of the pirates who was amazed by Kaido’s strength and decided to join him simply because of how powerful he was.

He also went with Kaido to Marineford, but they both were stopped by the Red Hair Pirates.

Luffy is the first opponent that Kaido sees as worthy to fight serious against since Oden, so he is very happy and excited right now.

King’s Zoan mode allows him to fly at incredibly high speed and turns his beak into a spear that does both, block the enemy and pierce him all the same.

Killer’s punishers create shockwaves at the speed of sound, causing Kaido internal damage.

Who’s Who’s nickname is “Drop it”, because he talks too much.

Sasaki’s nickname is “Submerged Sasaki”, because he’s drunk all the time.

They are considered the dangerous troublemakers of the Tobi Roppo while the siblings are the fools of the group.

Sengoku did not just take care of Corazon like a father, but he also did so for Drake after he fleed his father’s crew.

Onimaru’s card confirms that after Oden’s death his master went to kill Kaido, but died trying, so Onimaru was left alone.

Yamato’s handcuff had Seastone in them.