Soon chapter 1092 will be coming out and I just want to talk about how they won’t leave without something major occurring.

In this chapter we can see that something shocking will occur before they leave Egghead. More importantly we are told that the resolution of Egghead would inflict a shock the world never saw coming, in the manga in Chapter 1091, Luffy just collided with Kizaru, so the outcomes:

– Luffy losing – This is impossible. We have seen dozens of emperors get defeated in the last few years and so have the people, Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom. This would not be a shock the world never saw coming, since its happened so much.

– Straw Hats simply evading or stalling Kizaru and getting away. Again, something that has happened dozens of times before. Nothing shocking about an emperor crew getting away from an admiral. This can also be ruled out.

– Lulusia? No. It is specified to the incident occurring in Egghead.

– Saturn? Possible but now unlikely because he stated he does not want to be known. It seems Saturn will sit this one out, potentially being the reason why the Strawhats have to leave after defeating Kizaru and basically securing the lab and such and being “clean up” after Kizaru is defeated and the Strawhats leave, probably being saved for the final war.

– The shock being Luffy kidnapping Vegapunk? Nope. This was stated in Chapter 1078. Morgans was already printing news of Luffy kidnapping Vegapunk all the way back in 1074. Blackbeard also kidnapped Koby before, so it would not shock the war. Its not unexpected.

So what is the most likely and logical conclusion?

Luffy, emperor of the sea defeating admiral Kizaru in battle. The fall of an admiral.

The fall of an admiral, at the hands of a pirate emperor has never happened before, the closest we got was in Marineford and the navy were the victors, with no admiral permanently being taken out here. Admirals, being considered major powers of the World government, their fall, especially at the hands of a pirate emperor would deal a heavy blow to the World government, on top of that it would be shocking in the world, considering their positions and off course the prospect of an all out war against the World government.

The fact that they’re on a time limit shouldn’t matter. The Vegapunks are still trying to crack the password, Zoro is clashing with Lucci as of this moment, who also vowed to kill all of them. It is easily possible for Luffy to have a full on fight with Kizaru in this time period, considering the Gear 5 Vs Kaido battle probably only lasted a few minutes, even though it was several chapters long.

There are other reasons supporting why I think Luffy will defeat Kizaru in battle in Egghead. Not just stall/escape:

– The death of a vice admiral sent “shock waves around the world”. In my opinion, this seems awfully foreshadowing of the defeat (possibly death, if the Blackbeard’s ship headed to Egghead kills Kizaru and takes his fruit, after he gets defeated by Luffy) of admiral Kizaru causing an even bigger shock, one the world never saw coming.

– Right after Luffy and his crew gets destroyed and utterly defeated in Sabaody and he gets traumatised seeing his crew members go 1 by 1, even after telling them to back off (and for Luffy its saying a lot), he makes this vow on Amazon Lily, against the 3 that had the big if not the biggest parts in their defeat. Interestingly, in Egghead he visibly kept true to 2/3 of these. Sentomarou – He sees Sentomaru get easily defeated by Lucci right in front of him, him even saying he didn’t let his guard down. Right after this, he fights and easily defeats Lucci, the one that so easily beat Sentomaru, making true to that vow. Next, he fights and eventually defeats (imprisoning) S-Bear, the Seraphim of Kuma, interesting how Oda made sure to have Luffy fight S-Bear, even though Seraphims of Crocodile and Moria do exist. That is 2/3 of those he saw in Sabaody complete. Kizaru, is the final one.

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