Howdy One Piece fans! After the release of chapter 1037, like many others I too had very excitedly theorized that Gomu Gomu no Mi is the devil fruit that the Gorosei were talking about. Based on what we are seeing in the recent chapters that indeed may be the case.

I had also theorized that it will not be a mythical Zoan or Logia but it will be something related to rubber. This post will build upon that and incorporate what we learnt from the recent chapters. I will discuss what his real devil fruit could be and what his powers could look like. So here it goes…

I still don’t think that the real devil fruit of Luffy is a mythical Zoan or a Logia because the powers of his fruit can’t be correctly explained by the other classifications.

If it’s Zoan why does not Luffy have transformations like other Zoans while all Zoans have transformations without having to awaken? Why does the fruit have rubber like properties and is immune to electricity?

It can’t be Logia because rubber is not elemental, Luffy’s body can be touched and most importantly Luffy is not a producer. All Logias can produce their elements even in pre-awakened state. Even Monet could produce snow. Blackbeard produces darkness from his body. All Logias do and they do not need to be awakened.

Because of all these questions I strongly feel that Luffy’s fruit is not either Logia or Zoan. If it turns out to be Logia or Zoan, Oda will have so much explaining to do. It will also take retconning of so much established lore and in my opinion will feel forced. Therefore, I think Luffy’s devil fruit is still a Paramecia and his fruit is still rubber. Sort of..

I think Luffy’s fruit is a special Paramecia like Katakuri and his real fruit power is Latex or Liquid rubber. Rubber exists in solid form and liquid form. On heating rubber turns to liquid. I think that is what is happening to Luffy.

We know that his body heats up when using his Gears, as shown by all the steam coming from his body. So the heat and overuse is turning rubber back to Latex/liquid and his body is melting. Luffy’s awakening is thus exposing the true nature of his fruit. So, basically Luffy will be like Katakuri a special Paramecia with some properties like Logia.

So how will he be using his new found powers then? What will he be able to do? How will he fight Kaido?

I think he will be using them exactly like Katakuri’s, but in a more advanced form. I can imagine two important utilizations of powers like Katakuri in the fight against Kaido:

Defense: Luffy will be able to dodge all the Thunder Baguas by moulding his body around Kaido’s kanabo using his future sights. Just like how Katakuri dodged.

Offense: This will be the most important application. Kaido was barely able to dodge Snakeman using his own future sight. Imagine a barrage of Snakeman like attacks coming from all over, floor, roof and walls and hitting Kaido with 100’s of COC coated punches at the same time. I think even Kaido won’t be able to dodge.

But I think there will still be one more hidden power up for Luffy’s fruit which the Gorosei were worried about. Something destructive, we may or may not see it against Kaido I think. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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