Hey guys! Welcome back to Exmanga. In this post, I want to talk about Law and his role in Wano Country Arc. A lot of people believe that Trafalgar Law’s role is to die in order for Luffy to defeat Kaido. But I don’t think so.

In the past, we have seen many characters overcome their limits to achieve great achievements like Luffy’s case. But we have not seen Law done anything yet. If he dies at Wano, it’s too early for the person who had a “D” on his name.

Oda also gave him an important devil fruit. Because of that, a lot of people think Law will die in order to support for Luffy. I do agree Law has to die, but he will not die at Wano.

I believe that Law will be boosted in this Arc. Kaido had 3 Calamities Commander, but we have only Zoro and Sanji, I think Law will be the remaining person. Zoro will fight against King, Sanji fights against Queen and Law fights against Jack.

Also, it’s confirmed that Jinbei is the 10th Straw Hat member, if he comes in time in order to fight Jack, Law can support for Luffy in battle against Kaido, along with Eustass “Captain” Kid.

In all storylines characters that are as integral to the plot as Law is, they have to die the right way. No one would accept Law’s death if he didn’t fight and show off amazing feats before it.

Oda himself made Law a D. and gave him an important devil fruit, so I think he will die against Im-Sama, not Kaido or anyone else.

That’s it from today. Do you guys think Law will die at Wano? Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below. Thank you!