Kyoshiro is a samurai in Wano Country’s Flower Capital. He’s also known as the boss of a Yakuza group called the Kyoshiro Family. It seems like he is an evil guy who only cares for himself, but sometimes there are moments which doesn’t let him look like an evil.

At the banquet in Orochi’s castle, it seemed like Kyoshiro is going to kill Komurasaki. But right before he attacked, he asked her if she is prepared.

And especially combined with the knowledge that she indeed survived, it seems to be fact that this was a trained act. And now we also learned that Komurasaki is like many already predicted Hiyori, the daughter of Oden and the little sister of Momonosuke.

In my opinion, with the reveal of Komurasaki being Hiyori, it became even more likely that Kyoshiro is actually Denjiro. I mean Kyoshiro letting his number whore escaped doesn’t make much sense, but Denjiro helping the daughter of the man that he once followed does make sense.

Lord Oden and the 3 outlaws

The background story of Oden has shown that Ashura Doji was an outlaw and opponent of Oden before he became his ally.
We learned Oden admired the Hyougoro- the former head of Wano’s underworld. We also found out that Kawamatsu calls him Boss Hyougoro.

With which it can be assumed that also Kawamatsu was an outlaw. With Ashura Doji and Kawamatsu being outlaws, it becomes very likely that also Denjiro was once an outlaw.

We also learned Ashura Doji is now called Shutenmaru and became again an outlaw.
Denjiro might have been active in the Yakazu already in the past. And that after Oden died he also created a new identity and tried to survive in the new Wano Kingdom under Orochi as the Yakazu leader Kyoshiro.

So, I think Kyoshiro could actually be Denjiro the last of the great allies Kinemon is searching for. He found Hiyori and together with her started their revenge. Denjiro also helped Hiyori escaping so that she can search for her brother.