Chapter 1054 introduced the Knights of God. Who are they?

The Knights of God are a special order of Celestial Dragons. The purpose of this order is to mediate disputes between the other Celestial Dragons. Such disputes are bound to arise when there are probably thousands of Celestial Dragons in Mariejois. The only people fit to settle disputes between Gods… are other Gods. Ultimately, however, the Knights of God are answerable to… well.. the Gods. The Celestial Dragons.

But in reality, “God” refers to Im, not to the Celestial Dragons. The Knights of God answer directly to Im, and to Im alone. They are raised completely differently from the other Celestial Dragons, and are the only ones aware of the truth: they are not Gods. Im is. They exist to help impose Im’s rule on the world.

The Gorosei are the five from this order chosen to run the World Government. And this is why the Gorosei seem like they come from a completely different world from the other Celestial Dragons. Because they are. They are raised in a completely different culture that does not tell them that they are Gods, but that they exist to serve the true God.

Little is known about the Knights of God by the outside world, even at the highest levels of the Marines and the World Government. This is why Akainu believed the Gorosei may have been taking orders from someone else. He knows the Gorosei belong to the Knights of God, and he doesn’t know much else about them.

The Celestial Dragons may know a little more, but even they are unaware of the true nature of this order. They don’t know any of its important secrets. As far as they’re concerned, the Knights of God basically just act as a court system to settle disputes between them. For some reason, Im wants or needs to maintain the facade that the Celestial Dragons are Gods, and the Knights help him do this.

They are very small in number, maybe numbering in the dozens, as only a few people can be entrusted with the true secrets of the world.

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