I had an idea when reading this last chapter and seeing that shadow that looks mysteriously like our newly named Gorosei, Jaygarcia Saturn. I know some folks don’t see it, but hear me out.

I believe that the current invader and the one who has been causing the trouble in egghead Island is none other than Kizaru. It makes sense. I think that Kizaru used his powers in a specific way to take Saturn to the island. Him and Saint Saturn have made it to Egghead.

Recall that Kizaru’s got the Pika Pika no Mi, and is a Light Human. He can become one with light. I also believe he has awakened his Devil Fruit, which allows him to take a person at the speed of light for a certain distance.

This would allow the World government to gain control over the situation (via the Seraphim), and explains Kizaru’s confidence that Vegapunk wouldn’t leave the island. Remember, he’s rolling through with a strategy in mind, plus a bunch of battleships for the combat that’s soon to follow.

Saturn took control of the Seraphim, so the Vegapunks can’t do anything and Kizaru is moving at light speed, quickly taking out Pythagoras and the Den Den Mushi snails. This would also explain the explosion and the speed at which it happened. It was Kizaru teleporting through the wall at light speed.

Needless to say, this would explain why the Vegapunk satellites are having a tough time issuing orders to the Seraphim. They can’t override the orders of a Gorosei member.

What do you guys think?