In One Piece Chapter 1027, we saw that King vs Zoro went outside the live dome. We also know that the flower capital is right below them now. I think there is a good chance that King might push this battle into the flower capital to get the upper hand on Zoro.

Before I tell why he will move the battle there, let’s look at the tile of the All-stars of the Beast Pirates, we have Jack the drought, Queen the plague, and King the Wildfire.

While Jack didn’t exactly unleash a drought on Zou, he attacked Zou and left it in a miserable state and the air was contaminated with poison. This poison would surely have left the country in famine due to the contamination and caused sever casualties. If Sanji and Co had not arrived there and neutralized the poison, his moniker has been justified somewhat.

On the other hand, we saw the virus unleashed by Queen on the live floor. The easily justifies his moniker.

Let’s look at King, his moniker is the Wildfire and we haven’t seen it being justified as of yet. Furthermore, Queen always calls him a sadistic pervert. From this, I feel the best way for Oda to justify that will be: King brings his fight with Zoro to the flower capital, he sets the flower capital ablaze and enjoys the sight of all the people running around for their lives.

Also, we saw that King was becoming angrier when Zoro destroyed a part of his mask. I think if Zoro completely destroys King’s mask, there is a good chance that King will snap and become this raging lunatic. And we might see a fight where Zoro will have to fight King while protecting the people of Wano.

Also, we saw Zoro cutting Kaidou’s flame breath when Zoro fought Kaidou. So him using his slashes to stop King’s fire might not be something that is completely out of the box.

One more reason that a fight at the flower capital might hinder Zoro is the presence of Toko. When Zoro was in Wano, he made a big connection with Toko. And we know that she is in Wano with Hitetsu. I feel that Zoro might have to fight King while protecting Toko.

In the process, I think Zoro will lose his Sandai Kotetsu and will make Hitetsu give the Nidai Kotetsu to Zoro so that he can defeat King.

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