Recently, we received King’s Vivre Card that provided a lot of information about King. Thus, we will be sharing it with you in this post. If you are interested in it, you can check them out for yourself down below:

King’s Vivre Card full translation (Translated by Aknologan of Worstgen forums).

Gender: Male.
Birthday: 1st December.
Age: 47.
Height: 613 cm.
Astrological sign: Sagittarius.
Blood type: S.
Birthplace: Grand Line.
Favorite food: Sashimi of Flying Fishes.
Bounty: 1.39 billion.
Voice Actor: Tamura Makoto.
Appearance: Chapter 925.
Epithets: King the Wildfire.
Devil Fruits: Ryu Ryu no Mi model Pteranodon.
Haki: Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.
Family / Clan: Lunaria’s tribe.
Beast Pirates Crew: All Star.

“The All Star who dances in the sky shining in his flame : King the Wildfire”

The leader of the supreme “All Stars” of the Beast Pirates, in other words he is a trusted subordinate with hold the highest strength after Kaido. His whole body including his face, is covered in a black outfit and, as his pseudonym describes, he has a flame always burning behind his back next to his huge wings. The silent and calm appearance guy is the one, who control with no objection the large family of Beasts Pirates as Kaido’s right hand. He still has his torture sadistic side to show.

King is from a race that doesn’t even exist in “Totland”, and that’s the reason why Big Mom craves to have him.


33 years ago: He became a Kaido’s subordinate after being attracted by Kaido’s strength.

23 years ago: King partook in his crew’s battle against the Gecko Pirates led by Gecko Moria, which resulted in Moria’s crew suffering a crushing defeat in the Ringo province of Wano Country.

20 years ago : He fought with the samurais led by Kozuki Oden.

2 years ago : He tried to participate to the Marineford war but was stopped by the Red Hair Pirates.

Note: Queen and Jack’s Vivre Cards don’t state anything regarding Shanks stuff. They don’t have a “2 years ago” in their history section.