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King’s Bounty Revealed! New Information about Kaido, Yamato, Tobiroppo


Recently, we just received the new One Piece Vivre Cards. They provided a lot of information about Kaido, Yamato, Tobiroppo and more. If you’re interested in them, you can check them down below:


Age: 59.
Origin: Grand Line.
Birthday: May 1st.
Height: 710 cm.
Blood type: F.
Favorite food: sake.
Epithet: The Strongest Creature | Kaido of the Beasts | Wisdom King.

– Kaido was not alone when he was heading to Marineford and was stopped by red-haired pirates. King was with him.

– Kaido is the most powerful creature in the world who hopes to destroy this boring world with ancient weapons, smiles and One Piece.

– It was mentioned in King’s card that he became a follower of Kaido because he admires his strength. [Brannew mentioned in Chapter 957 that Kaido has earned the respect of the fiercest pirates with his strength].


Age: 28.
Origin: “Unclear.”
Birthday: November 3rd.
Height: 263 cm.
Blood type: F.
Favorite foods: oden and salmon.
Gender of Yamato is “female/woman”, without additions.


Age: 47.
Origin : Grand Line.
Birthday: December 1st.
Height: 613 cm.
Blood type: S.
Favorite food: flying fish sashimi.
Bounty: 1.39 billion berries.

– Two years ago, the Red Hair Pirates stopped King from participating in the Marineford War.


Age: 56.
Origin: Grand Line.
Birthday: July 13th.
Height: 612 cm.
Blood type: XF.
Favorite food: oshiruko.
Bounty: 1.32 billion berries.


Age: 28.
Origin: Grand Line.
Birthday: September 28.
Height: 830 cm.
Blood type: X (not certain).
Favorite food: stake.
Bounty: 1 billion berries.

All the members possess Armament and Observation Haki.

Who’s Who:

Age : 38.
Origin: North Blue.
Birthday: March 15.
Height: 336 cm.
Blood type: F.
Favorite food: paella.
Bounty: 546 million berries.

– Who’s who’s nickname is “drop it”


Age: 34.
Origin: Grand Line.
Height: 318 cm.
Blood type: XF
Bounty: 472 million berries.

– Sasaki’s nickname is “Sasaki Submerged”, meaning a way to drink sake.

Black Maria:

Age: 29.
Origin: Wanokuni.
Birthday: September 24th.
Height: 820 cm.
Blood type: S.
Favorite food: mitarashi dango.
Bounty: 480 million berries.

– She was in her Hybrid form when she fought against Robin.


Age: 22.
Origin: Grand Line
Birthday: 1st April.
Height: 173 cm.
Blood type: XF.
Favorite food: twisted potatoes.
Bounty: 400 million berries.


Age : 20.
Origin: Grand Line
Birthday: February 10.
Height: 171 cm.
Blood type: X.
Favorite food: nachos.
Bounty: 290 million berries.