In the newest chapter, we see the World Government on their way to Wano to annex it IF Kaido loses to the Straw Hats. That leaves you to wonder why the World Government wouldn’t just go into Wano anyway and overpower the weakened Beast Pirates. What if the World Government is in some way in cahoots with Kaido.

We know he uses CP0 for intel, which is a government based organization like CP9. Everything else is just speculation but bare with me. Something not talked about a lot is how Shanks stopped Kaido from fighting Whitebeard before he got to Marineford. Kaido isn’t a guy who gets intimidated by anyone, so it’s even more strange when Shanks shows up at Marineford unscathed.

That leads me to believe that Shanks knows something about Kaido to stop him from joining the war. Shanks being a Yonko who we see have direct ties and scuffles with the World Government like being granted an audience with the Gorosei, and stealing the Gomu Gomu no Mi from CP9. What was said between Shanks and Kaido?

Now lets go all the way back to God Valley when Big Mom supposedly gave Kaido the Uo Uo no Mi saving his life. Why Big Mom gave Kaido one of the most powerful devil fruits? She says she thinks of Kaido as a little brother, but Big Mom doesn’t even care about her actual biological family. Big Mom wouldn’t use something so valuable to save someone’s life I think.

This all may be unrelated, but later on Kaido did have his Lineage Factor extracted by Vegapunk, the World Governments lead scientist. We don’t know when Kaido became a Yonko, but we know that he was a part of the Rocks Pirates, and fought the Marines at God Valley.

Why would he let Vegapunk, a Marine, experiment on him? Sure it happened when he had been captured by marines, but Kaido doesn’t seem to be a person who would let people experiment on him. It’s noticeable that Queen, one of Kaido’s All-Stars, worked for Vegapunk. Kaido seems to have a lot of connections to the World Government.

Kaido has turned Wano into a giant Weapons factory which probably distributes some of their products to the World Government or islands under the World Governments rule kind of like Germa 66. The biggest thing to me though is in the newest chapter we see Rob Lucci give a direct order to get Nico Robin, the only known person that can read the Poneglyphs.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary given their past, but that’s until you remember that Kaido has one of the Road Poneglyphs that lead to Laugh Tale. Wouldn’t that be enough motive to make the World Government annex Wano even if Kaido beats the Straw Hats. It’s almost as if the World Government considers it safer in Kaido’s hands. Not that they trust him with it though.

Remember X Drake, one of the Worst Generation that works for Kaido that is actually a Marine spy and Captain of “Sword” the Marines top secret special forces? He’s Probably not only on the inside to relay info to the World Government but to find the Road Poneglyph.

It’s also weird that the World Government would just back off of Wano when 2 Yonkos are there in a alliance after a huge battle would have taken place. Why wouldn’t they take out 2 of their biggest opposition and annex Wano? Which could be a valuable asset or huge threat since people like Kozuki Oden could also read the Ponegylphs just like the Demon Child Nico Robin.

The World Government is leaving too much up to chance which doesn’t make sense seeing as to what they did to Ohara. We still don’t know too much about Kaido or his past, so this may be all tin foil hat speculation, but I think it’s a nice thought either way.

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