As of Chapter 1029 and everything that’s been going on, it’s pretty clear that the Era and Reign of the Yonko is coming to an end. Wano is the culmination of the Yonko Saga and it fits the narrative for Kaido, Big Mom and the Yonko System to completely fall apart by the Worst Generation to usher in something new.

Kaido and Big Mom are the oldest members of the Yonko and the last remaining members of the Rocks Pirates. Both of them teaming up and losing to the Worst Generation Trio will show the Marines and the World Government that the Worst Generation(Luffy, Kid, Law, Zoro, Killer, Blackbeard, etc…) are the ones that they should be fearing and the ones that are really taking over the seas.

With Hawkins’ last card that he picked up, it states “The Collapse of the old and brittle…..A new way forward”. In the same chapter, we see Hawkins saying that Kaido and Big Mom cannot be defeated. By the end of the arc, Hawkins will wake up and see that Kaido and Big Mom are both defeated and that it’s actually possible to defeat these monsters.

People say that Big Mom is too healthy and they’re too hurt to take her down even if they get a power boost, but that’s exactly what happened with Luffy vs Katakuri. I think Kid is being underestimated by the Fandom. He is someone who even Luffy acknowledges as a rival. Before the Raid, He went through the exact same thing as Luffy. He was completely annihilated by Kaido but still kept his will. He also challenged a Yonko (Shanks) before anyone else.

I believe that Kaido will be defeated by Luffy while Big Mom will be defeated by Kid and Law. The Worst Generation Trio will get recognition for taking down the biggest Pirate Alliance and that’s when their own era will seriously begin.

Theory by Mugiwara300.