Joyboy has awakened, which left many fans feeling disappointed… for some reason. I guess many of us still have Post-traumatic stress disorder from Naruto and Sasuke, but I don’t believe reincarnation is what Oda will do to explain what is going on… I believe explanation will be much simpler, and yet, very complicated.

We know that destiny exists in One Piece, and it’s not a bad thing, it can be beautiful if done right. I mean, Luffy is the main character, he was always meant to become Pirate King, whether you say it or not, he was always destined to become Pirate King. And he was always destined to become Joyboy.

But how did Joyboy awaken? Why did Zunesha hear Joyboy now? Why didn’t he feel it back at Zou?

The reason is because Luffy has awakened his devil fruit (it does not matter what devil fruit he has, all it matters is that he has awakened it). Why is this the reason?

What this says is that things such as dreams, their pursue for freedom and their will, even if you kill them, they can’t be taken away, they will be inherited by someone else. Luffy has Joyboy’s desire and the will for freedom. We don’t yet know how these things are inherited, but I believe, one of the ways is through devil fruits.

Do you remember in Dressrosa, Sabo wanted to eat Ace’s devil fruit, so he could inherit – not his powers – but his will. If someone has conquerors haki, the great will and desire to do something, “that will” will be passed on through the devil fruit.

Sabo says that he wanted to let Burgess go, but Ace stopped him. He can feel Ace’s will inside of him, he can sense his rage and the need for revenge. It is something that has been passed down through the devil fruit.

Thus, in the case of Luffy – yes, right now I do believe Luffy and Joyboy ate the same devil fruit – does this make Luffy special, or his devil fruit special? No, Luffy made it special. Don’t take away all his blood, sweat, tears and hard-work he endured to get to this point.

But, through the awakening of his devil fruit, that will from 800 years ago, the will of Joyboy, finally awakened inside Luffy, and “that will” is so strong that it can be heard through the heartbeats of Luffy, even after 800 years, the will remains. That is what Zunesha is hearing. That’s how strong Joyboy’s will and desire for freedom was.

Theory by BuggyDClown (