Chapter 1080 is an epic chapter! Wish I could’ve gotten this out sooner, but eh had stuff to do. But Garp’s Galaxy Impact I wasn’t expecting along with even going back to what he was doing so soon. Not only that but as assured SWORD members have joined him as well.

A big fight may happen in my opinion, but something just doesn’t feel right to me and that ladies and gentlemen, is that there is another plan by Teach afoot.

Think about it, he acquired Koby for the purpose of getting the attention of the World government in order to give himself the position of King of Hachinosu. However, it seems he can’t with Koby since he’s a member of SWORD, but Garp is now there. A higher position gain by capturing someone and turning them in or bargaining. Sound familiar?

Go back to when Blackbeard originally wanted to go and capture Luffy so that he could be part of the Warlords, but then Ace showed up which allowed his plan to go much much further. It all seems too familiar Blackbeard leveraging Koby to the Government only to find out he’s not that big of a fish they until a much bigger fish comes along which can make even more things move and also give the World government what else?

An offer thy cannot refuse due to public outcry. This seems to all line up but another reason why is because it seems everything is going too perfectly as if something big or bad is going to happen.

But I mean like a lot of people I do want to see Garp win but I don’t know something doesn’t feel right and while Teach isn’t on the island, there’s the Nightmare scenario where Auger uses the Warp fruit to get him and the other Titanic captains back to Hachinosu or Shiryu alerting Blackbeard to what’s happening on the Island causing him to make changes to his plan and get Garp as much as possible. As I said it’s also a Nightmare in a nutshell!

Theory by Storyhawk97 (