One Piece Chapter 985 showed how Kaido slashed Orochi’s head. On Reddit, several One Piece fans shared their theories on the possibility that despite what Kaido did to Orochi, they think the Shogun is still alive. It would be awesome if Oda just straight up killed Orchi like that, but I highly doubt he’s actually dead. There are three reasons I can see him being alive:

The Reasons Why Orochi Is Still Alive:

1: We haven’t seen what the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi can do. We all know Mystical Zoan Devil Fruits give the user more powers than just turning into an animal. I do understand that Orchi isn’t the Greek Hydra, but having the multiple heads, and then getting his head chopped off can’t be a coincidence.

2: Oda barely ever kills off characters – basically why I don’t believe he’s dead.

3: Fans want him to suffer at the hands of the scabbards and whatnot – the scabbards, in the end, want to bring Wano back to glory and save Momonosuke, Kaido’s the dude that killed Oden in the end, so they still can take revenge. And the cycle of revenge being a bad thing is kinda a theme of this arc, so Orochi not dying at their hands is perfectly fine to me, same as Kaido if they don’t get to kill him.

If Orochi is still alive, then what? His forces will be massacred or go over to the beast pirates now. He now has no powerful force backing him. So the question then becomes, what can he do now? I think the answer is CP0, I’m sure they left a way to contact Orchi, so now Orchi will likely call them up and ask them for help. In return, Orochi will bring Wano to the World Government.