The huge battle which takes place between Beast Pirates and Straw Hat alliance is coming closer in Wano arc. Most fans are looking forward to seeing the battle between Luffy and Kaido. But I think it won’t be a One vs One, Luffy can’t defeat Kaido alone based on strength.

Even if Luffy were to learn a new technique or finds Kaido’s weakness, he’ll still not be able to simply defeat a Yonko at this stage. Oda has made it clear – “If it is one-on-one match, Kaido will win”. Kaido is not your regular enemy against whom you should measure your strength like a Shichibukai. He is not even called a human. He is the creature that jumps from 10,000 meters and wrecks three Supernovas without any difficulty.

How Will Luffy Defeat Kaido?

How will they defeat him. The only way to defeat Kaido is to work together, and Luffy will be the one who delivers the final blow. Luffy promised Tama that he would make her home right again before he leaves, and he will do that. But I don’t care what new haki techniques or gears Luffy uses, he won’t beat Kaido by himself and the story can’t allow that to happen. Because if he does then Luffy will undoubtedly be the strongest creature alive, and there is no way Oda wants his main character to be that creature when we still have more than a quarter of the story left.

Thinking about it, he made an alliance with Law to take Kaido down, it only makes sense that they at least tackle Kaido together. Another topic I don’t see many people talking about, Luffy didn’t hesitate a second before asking Kid for a team up. Luffy is the one who knows best he can’t 1 vs. 1 Kaido. It would be bullshit if Luffy can beat Kaido after a few days of training. If 2 whole years training with Rayleigh took him this far, there is no way a week is enough to put him st Yonko level.

The Way to Defeat Kaido

I think Law, Zoro, Jinbei (if he shows up), Captain Kid, and Luffy are going to take Kaido down I’d bet. There is no way Zoro won’t have a place in this fight. Because he has been given one of the few swords in existence that can actually cut Kaido. Luffy told Jinbei that they would be waiting for him in Wano and that he must come at all costs. So, I’m pretty sure we will see him at Wano.

After what we saw him do to Big Mom we know that he is one of the few Strawhats capable of challenging a Yonko. There is no way Oda would show Jinbei punching Big Mom like that and have him not use that strength on Kaido or even her again in the future seeing as she is now in Wano too. Law is the one that brought everyone together. He will play a major role in this just like he did against Doflamingo.

That’s it from my theory. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.