Hey guys! In the previous chapters, we learned that Luffy was trying to use Ryuo, invisible armament Haki, but he failed. Even though he managed to pull it off on a couple of occasions, it was nothing but a fluke. He has been practicing it on Kaido’s soldiers, but he still failed. So, how he can master this type of haki?

Remember that when Rayleigh saved Camie, he increased his focus. We saw him taking his time and remaining very calm during the process. This calmness and focus let him use Ryuo and destroy the collar from inside.

In One Piece Chapter 946, we also saw that Big Mom was determined to finish Luffy and Hyougoro. Luffy was at the end of his rope and wanted to save Hyougoro earnestly. This sincere feeling forced Luffy to focus on only one thing – saving Hyougoro the Flower. This extreme focus led Luffy to flow the invisible armament Haki towards his fist and release it on the collar. Thus, it destroyed the collar from inside.

Currently, Luffy is surrounded by hundreds of beast pirates and the others. It’s very difficult for him to remain calm and focused. But once Luffy becomes calm and focuses on his Haki, he will be able to flow both types of Haki wherever he want.

Luffy can’t use Ryou or invisible armament Haki because he is not focused enough, and he lacks the impetus. Maybe if someone whom he wants to protect is in danger, he might be able to use it and then find out the reason why he failed in the past. After all, like Rayleigh said, Haki blooms in extreme situation.

That’s it from today’s post. I believe Luffy will soon be able to use invisible armament Haki, and it will be the key to defeat Kaido. Do you guys think so? Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.