As we all know, Luffy’s fruit isn’t the Gomu Gomu no Mi but the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika. And as stated by the Five Elders, the world government has been trying to get their hands on the fruit for 800 years, but failed to do so.

This begs the question, is the government really that useless to be unable to aquire a devil fruit for 800 years? or is there something else to it?

And that is where Toki comes in. I have always questioned what Toki’s role has been in the story, what importance does her coming from the Void century have? Yes she has the toki toki fruit, but she being from the present time or from 800 years ago wouldn’t change anything. Nowhere in the story does that information matter much, unless….

Toki has been entrusted to take the Hito Hito no Mi to safety. This part of my theory is kind of a reach but if true it would make so much sense, so please bear with me.

I believe that Toki is from Dawn island. And she visited there when she was on Roger’s ship.

We know that Roger and his crew went to the East Blue before going to Fishman Island. So why does this matter? I believe this is very important because that is where the Gomu Gomu no Mi was last seen by the Roger crew. What I think that happen is:

The World government attacked the Roger Pirates in Dawn Island, and Shanks was entrusted to protect the fruit, but failed to do so, and instead Toki had no choice but to send the fruit into the future. (Kind of a reach, but this is the fun thing of theorizing).

After visiting the Dawn Island and going back to the Grand Line, Toki was sick and left the crew to stay at Wano, while the rest of them went to Laugh Tale, without Shanks and Buggy.

Once they arrived to Laugh Tale, they read one of the ponelglyphs there and it said:

“To those who have reached this island, how is my Toki doing? I hope she is safe and sound, please continue to look after my daughter. I have entrusted her the power that can change the future against our enemies who try to take over the world. My wish is that the fruit is in safe hands and be helpful to those who need it.”

Knowing that Toki had reached the crew and that the fruit was sent 20 years into the future, Roger knew that he didn’t have any chance of seeing the written prophecy and all he could do was: Laugh.

But this meant that the fruit that was far into the future had to be in safe hands, thus entrusting one last mission to someone who would most likely be alive 20 years from now:

And since then, Shanks told himself that he should be responsable of keeping the fruit into safe hands and set sailed to Dawn Island to find the fruit and entrust it to someone who would take on the enemy:

Ace, who was entrusted to Garp by Roger and told him to keep him in Dawn Island. However, we all know what really happend:

This also meant that Toki knew that someone with the fruit would come liberate Wano in 20 years.