Thanks to newworldartur from Twitter:

The booklet that came with One Piece Film RED revealed a series of new tidbits and info about the Red Hair Pirates among other things. None of this is really spoilers for the movie itself but just new canon info from Oda, so let’s cover it all!

Film RED booklet reveals that Helmeppo has also joined SWORD alongside Koby!

Blueno is confirmed to have joined CP0, which likely implies that Kalifa has as well. Interestingly, CP-AIGIS0 and SWORD are written to be “rivals”. This is fitting since “aegis” is a shield from Greek mythology and shields rival SWORDs, but what exactly is their relationship?

Interesting comment about Uta’s design in the Film RED booklet: “This kingly crown serves to make Uta look like she were the strongest person in “this world””.

Uta’s hair goes down when she’s disappointed or relaxed, but perks up when she’s excited.

According to the Film RED booklet, being a Conqueror’s haki user, Shanks is also referred to as an “Observation-killer” (kenbun-goroshi), as through aura control he stops his opponents from peering into the future.

Benn Beckman is very strong and agile and combining his rifle with his haki, his bullets swiftly penetrate his opponents. Even a logia like Kizaru couldn’t oppose him when held at gunpoint. Though he is always cool-headed, he is also said to be a playboy that loves women.

Yasopp’s sniping skills are first-class, for which he earned the nickname “Chaser”, capable of hitting 100 targets out of 100 shots. He uses observation haki, just like his son.

Lucky Roux is the cook of the Red-Haired Pirates, who fights by using his big body like a bowling ball and using haki. Despite his chubbiness, he has strong legs that make him very agile. He’s always very happy, but he’s not particularly good with women.

Monster is an executive of the Red Hair Pirates and just as strong in battle as the other executives, even if he isn’t a human. He is also highly intelligent and able to understand human emotions, ready to put his life on the line for others.

Bonk Punch is one of the oldest members of the crew, who fights together in combination with Monster in battle. Together with Monster, they form the current musician duo of the Red-Haired Pirates.

Limejuice is someone who fights with weapons that give electric discharges, like the electric bat he carries. He can use Geppo akin to Sanji’s Sky Walk to attack from the skies.

Hongo is the doctor of the Red-Haired Pirates and an excellent surgeon with great knowledge of medicine and technology. He is really good at disassembling machines.

Building Snake is the navigator of the Red Hair Pirates and someone who fights with a “Two Sword Juggling Style”, doing tricky moves like an acrobat would. He’s been distantly looking over both Luffy and Uta’s growth.

Howling Gab fights by somehow firing a laser roar out of his mouth that cuts through enemies. Despite his strength, he’s actually very kind at heart. He hates bugs and ghosts.

– Oda confirms that SSG stands for “Special Science Group”.